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Is this a satire web web web page or really do ppl think similar to this? Exactly what a boring life.

Hope paradise really exists cause or even you simply wasted your daily life. You might aswell go right ahead and off you to ultimately go right ahead and arrive at heaven. You will want to? Unless perhaps you have had doubts. Do you really?

Therefore real, how come every person perhaps perhaps not begging to perish when they really belive in heaven. They don’t! No body claims, “congratulations you’ve got cancer tumors and can die quickly. You’re therefore fortunate, wef only I possibly could just take your destination. Say hello to Timmy and my grandfather once you have there”. We’re in charge of our happiness that is own no god is going to offer it to you personally. Take it easy, have intercourse and wear a condom. See ya young ones

Yes anal is okay.

Great! Thx for the knowledge. I experienced been holding straight straight back on anal with my BF the good news is it is known by me’s okay with god:. This makes me feel much better since it’s hard to do abstinence that is total. Many Many Thanks Reverend! Praise be to God.

Nice thing about it!! That eases my conscience

@Even Saddleback – Tim Curry: Okay, you do realise as you post that we can see your IP address? Therefore despite your effort at utilizing various names, it is excessively apparent so it’s simply the same small sad-sack posting again and again. You have at the least waited a couple of hours between remarks.

But to deal with the “comments” you made…

Firstly, that isn’t a site that is religious. We now have spiritual people, but we’re perhaps maybe not preaching reasons why you should wait till wedding.

This might be a help web site for folks who’ve easily plumped for to hold back. Continue reading