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12 Minimal Methods Couples In Long-Distance Relationships Stay Connected

Maintaining the spark alive in a relationship could be tough you and your partner are hundreds or thousands of miles apart as it is, let alone when.

Couples in long-distance relationships usually face a certain group of challenges: various time areas (maybe it’s early morning in one spot and bedtime an additional), shoddy cellular solution or WiFi connection together with the heartache of going long stretches of the time without seeing one another face-to-face.

While keeping an “LDR” is not easy, it is not impossible. And you’ve likely built a strong foundation for the future of the relationship if you can weather the challenges.

“To dozens of thinking as you stay committed, loyal and willing to cut the distance short one day,” writer Olga Baker told Huff Post whether they can handle a long-distance relationship, my answer is: it’s definitely doable, as long. Continue reading