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Matching a Dating App using its Potential Audience

Matching a Dating App using its Potential Audience

– an instance research in regards to the rebranding of Meddle


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Laura is a 28-year-old senior school instructor surviving in Seattle. She simply came ultimately back from the disappointing date and is wondering if she’s going to ever find somebody suitable for her. Curled through to the sofa, she absentmindedly scrolls along on Facebook. She actually is still preoccupied with thoughts about her life that is dating and “If just i possibly could acquire some assistance!”

Ironically sufficient she simply missed an advertising for a fresh dating app, which may have let her outsource the job of selecting times to her buddies. It, she will have said: “Wow, this really is perfect. if she had noticed” But it was missed by her entirely.

In 2017, I happened to be hired to learn and also this could be the whole tale in regards to the rebranding of Meddle.

Part 1 • The Situation

Here I became, dealing with the question mark that is big. In the left, We have an software that allows daters outsource the duty of matchmaking for their buddies. Continue reading