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just How are (were) you addressed by Japanese guys? How has dating in Japan impacted your current relationships?

“I felt like we’re here for Japanese men’s enjoyment as opposed to to better ourselves.” (Katie, 24, African United States).

“I sought out having a Japanese guy for some days, after which one night, he explained we couldn’t date any longer because he had been yes I’d had cosmetic surgery because I happened to be Korean, and that’s exactly what Korean ladies do in order to find husbands. I’ve never ever even colored my locks before.” (Sarah, 26, Korean United States).

“Generally, my experience had been marred because of the proven fact that japan often assumed that because I’m of the Filipino history that I’m in Japan being a sex-worker. We can’t inform you exactly just how times that are many authorities stopped me personally to always check my gaijin card then incredulously ask if I happened to be actually here to your workplace for my business. Continue reading