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One other factors why you have shadowbanned by Tinder are pertaining to basic violations of Tinder regards to provider and Community instructions.

Truly the only thing that is good being reported by another individual, that at the very least Tinder provides you with a notification that someone reported you. At the very least you can be more specific which you got shadowbanned by Tinder if you’re obtaining the indications that you could be soft prohibited.

Then if you are getting this notification, you should think about why you would get reported and stop that whatever it is that you are doing if you want to avoid getting banned or shadowbanned. Study our post on the best way to maybe not get reported.

Just how to eliminate or fix the Tinder Shadowban?

So far as we realize there’s absolutely no way that is easy eliminate or carry a shadow ban from your Tinder account.

Then you can try to contact Tinder Support with your issue if you are 100% sure that you didn’t make any violations against Tinder’s Community Guidelines, you have never been reported on the platform, and you didn’t try to reset your account. Continue reading