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Without a doubt about Rushmore Loan Review – truthful or Ripoff Servicer?

My loan was in fact wanted to Rushmore by limitation 1. we asked doing an modification straight straight right back within my mortgage they claimed you need to be at least 2 months behind and fill a lot away from papers.

So we did and did get two payments behind, we wanted to get our payment down well it came back as they needed $600. right down to file , and our payment went up and our interest went up and do not particular why they included 1500. towards the amount. consequently i will be not signing and paid the 2 months we were belated with and rejected this scam of a modification i did son’t indication. Keep an eye that is close your complete loans they could be able never ever be trusted these include crooks. Alfred this may be troubling to hear, because my loan simply got brought to Rushmore from WF. Continue reading