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Pelakor (short for Perebut Laki Orang, literally that means ‘a thief of someone else’s husband’) is a coined time period used popularly to refer to a woman perceived as liable for ruining a pair’s marriage. Adopting a textual and interpretive evaluation as my methodology, I analyse the methods by which this term is used as a social label that sanctions women whereas erasing the position of men in narratives of infidelity. Building on feminist crucial discourse analysis, the research exhibits how pelakor is sociolinguistically grounded in gender bias, revealing each a misogynistic perspective deeply rooted in Indonesian society and the important position played by social media. This study contributes to the sphere of social media discourse research, a growing area of analysis in sociolinguistics, by exploring using a sexist time period on Instagram.

As this chapter demonstrates, nevertheless, activists have additionally responded by using digital media platforms to establish formal and informal networks and by reaching out to international organizations and to other Indonesian social actions with intersecting issues. Central to the evaluation of this study is the argument that the present cultural and non secular discourses considerably contribute to the methods motherhood identities are construed within the society. Of a selected observe, motherhood is argued to be a desired place that each woman needs most and is able to sacrifice for it.

Importantly, marriage, spiritual orientations and orders of the patriarchy certify motherhood and its related identities within the society. On the opposite hand, childlessness or failure to bear a male baby circumscribe women in decreased forms of their identities and so topics them to psychological and physical trauma and of course a social stigma. Purpose-Due to the gender norms in Indonesia, married women are susceptible to domestic violence perpetrated by their husband. Design/methodology/approach-Secondary information analysis of three rounds of Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey in 2002/2003, 2007 and 2012 was carried out.

But indonesian women don’t score and entirely subordinate to the will of men. Unlike probably the most international locations with muslim folks formally indonesian girls get pleasure from equal rights with men. Its women are valued as moms and wives greater than equal rights members of society. Unequal entry to well being suppliers by Indonesian women can be a purpose, particularly for those dwelling within the deepest, distant, and outermost areas. It is reported that younger women are stripped of their rights in marriage choices.

This chapter examines the transformation of activism for lesbian and gay rights from an understated, however comparatively secure, place within the heterosexist context of the New Order to a much more seen, but additionally vulnerable, movement. Lesbian and gay activists believed that democracy would enhance their capability to maneuver beyond calls for for inclusion and equal treatment to calls for for acceptance, which initially proved to be the case. But democracy also created house for homophobic forces intent on eradicating public expressions of gay or queer identity. One response to this hostility—which reached the very best ranges of presidency in 2016—was to retreat to the “safer” forms of activism attribute of the New Order.

Data were analyzed descriptively to disclose the pattern of women’s acceptance and binary logistic regression was applied to establish determinants. Findings-Women’s acceptance of wife beating in some circumstances experienced a rise throughout . Overall, determinants fell into three teams of women’s, husband’s and household’s traits.

Child marriages are nonetheless prevalent in Indonesia, regardless of efforts by the federal authorities and other entities to decrease the quantity. In fact, eleven % of ladies had been first married at the age of youthful than 15. The appointment last year of Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat as the primary female chief justice in Malaysia demonstrates that it’s possible for a women to be appointed to the highest judicial office in a Muslim-majority Southeast Asian country. Yet with only four women justices among the many fifty nine justices within the Indonesian Supreme Court, change could seem some way off.

In addition, the paper concludes that the safeguard and improvement of girls’s reproductive well being isn’t among the issues of the programme, in principle or in practice. In Indonesian society, both ‘migration’ and ‘marriage’ are necessary social markers that signify transition to maturity. This paper examines how younger Indonesian women reconcile labour migration aspirations with hegemonic constructions of marriage and gendered family roles, where women are depicted as household ‘managers’ subordinate to their husbands who are the ‘masters’. We use young women’s discussions of their aspirations and views towards migration as a departure to analyse the entangled relationship between labour migration and marriage (prospects). Using a relational approach complemented with ‘logics for aspiring’ (Zipin et al. 2015), we argue that their constructions of mobility projects are dynamically negotiated within the interstices between particular person aspirations and social (gendered) obligations.

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Originality/value-This research helps to determine determinants of ladies’s vulnerability to home bodily violence and suggests some substantial approaches to deal with this urgent issue. This article investigates using the word pelakor on Instagram by Indonesians.

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Sexual citizenship stays an idea underutilised in Asia, not least as a result of staking a claim to sexual rights can be dangerous (Mackie, 2017). The notion that citizen sexuality is correctly circumscribed by the state has lengthy been evident, nevertheless. For instance, in order to access state-funded housing, reproductive well being care, or educational companies, people needed to be embedded in recognised familial structures.

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Notably, as researcher Sebastiaan Pompe has observed, the Indonesian Supreme Court within the 1980s and 90s had double the variety of women Supreme Court justices than is the case right now. The Family Planning Programme of Indonesia is consistently being hailed as a success story for its performance in lowering fertility rates in lots of parts of the nation. This paper examines what this obvious success has meant for women, taking women’s rights to the management of their fertility as the necessary goal for all household planning programmes, and the safeguarding of their reproductive health as an obligation. The major conclusion of the paper is that the priorities, type of implementation and repair delivery of the programme do not provide women with the means of regulating their fertility autonomously via entry to freely chosen contraceptives and related companies.

Contemporary notions of sexual citizenship in Asia stem from this early overt regulation and crafting of the sexual self. Given its complexity, I explore meanings of sexual citizenship in the second section.


Therefore, earlier than acquiring a fisher ID card, they would need to have their listed occupation modified from “housewife” (default) to “fisher” (precise occupation) within this nationwide system. Once done, they could then proceed with registering as a “fisher” inside the national fisher registration system (Kartu Pelaku Usaha Kelautan dan Perikanan, or KUSUKA) provided by the Indonesia Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF).